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Top 10 Songs to Inspire Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Top10Starting and running a small business can be a tough challenge. Most of the time, we have the will and internal drive to handle the strategic and day-to-day challenges, but there are times when we could all use a good motivational boost.

Here are our top 10 classic songs to inspire entrepreneurs and small business owners:

10. Desperado by the Eagles.

Starting and running a small business can be a lonely endeavor. This song captures the “desperado” essence of being an entrepreneur:

9. Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones

Although they probably didn’t have startups in mind when they wrote this song, this classic from the Rolling Stones captures the excitement of starting a new business:

8. Taking Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Because every small business owner needs to do this to be successful. We particularly like the quote “look at me, I’m self employed”:

7. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

It may always remind you of the movie “Rocky” and sporting events, but this song also speaks to the “can do” attitude of small business owners and entrepreneurs:

6. Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

This classic tells the tale of two protagonists trying to escape their current lives and get to a better place. We dare you to try playing this one without singing along:

5. Stronger by Kanye West

Every entrepreneur needs a strong dose of endurance and will to power through tough times, which Kanye captures in this hip hop classic:

4. For the Love of Money by the O’Jays

Let’s be honest: one of the reasons most of us start companies is to be financially secure and independent. To some degree, we do it for the money:

3. On to the Next One by Jay Z

In case “For the Love of Money” isn’t enough, this classic from Jay Z may wet your appetite for the financial benefits of entrepreneurship as well:

2. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses

Running a small business is fraught with risk and turbulence. This song embraces the “jungle” of the small business world:

1. Back in the Saddle by Aerosmith

Every good entrepreneur takes their share of licks and hard times along the way, so this one captures the feeling of overcoming those obstacles:

What songs did we miss? What music inspires you to be the best entrepreneur or small business owner that you can be? Share your thoughts below!


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