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The Best Small Business Software to Grow Your Company

Small Business SoftwareLaunching a new startup is typically more about visionary ideas, developing new products, and penetrating new markets than it is about technology to run your new startup. For many entrepreneurs, however, small business software can help jumpstart a company and take it to another level.

The good thing about small business software in today’s market is that it isn’t as cost prohibitive as it once was. In past years, it didn’t make sense for entrepreneurs to worry about technology until their businesses were much larger, but this is no longer the case with technology becoming so pervasive in today’s world. Some of the most successful small business owners are the ones that can figure out the best ways to leverage technology to give themselves a leg up on their competition.

Below are just a few small business software systems that you may want to consider as you manage your small business growth:

Constant Contact marketing software. This is a great low-cost tool for keeping in touch with current and prospective customers via email. The cost to start is relatively low and you only start paying more significant fees as your business grows and the number of people you are marketing to grows. Constant Contact also allows you to manage social media campaigns to generate new leads, surveys to send to your customers or post to your web-site, and other marketing automation to help fuel your small business growth.

Quickbooks accounting software. As soon as you have become established enough to bill customers and pay suppliers and employees, accounting can become a hassle without the right small business accounting software in place. Quickbooks used to be a fairly complex software that required a lengthy amount of time to implement and manage. More recently, however, the company has introduced a web-based version that is much less costly and easier to use. This is a must have for any company that wants to carefully manage their finances, especially during growth.

Salesforce customer relationship management software. For companies that are actively selling to customers of any sort, Salesforce is a web-based tool that allows you to manage leads and your sales team in a way that ensures that your business is closing every deal possible. The software also ensures that you as the business owner have complete visibility into what others are actually selling and trying to sell, as well as enforcing expectations for how often they should follow up on leads. This is a must-have for businesses that are aggressive about growing their business in the long-run.

While there are dozens of other potential small business software options out there for startups and entrepreneurs, these are three of the most important. Learn more about these and other technologies that can help grow your business by attending our free web-based Small Business Boot Camp training course.

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