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More Songs to Inspire Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Small Business GrowthA few weeks ago, we posted our top 10 list of the best songs to inspire entrepreneurs and small business owners. At the time, these were the best ones we could think of from a variety of genres and times – all which we thought would be best to inspire small business growth and motivation.

However, now that some time has passed since that first list, we realized we left quite a few off the list. Below are a few more songs that will undoubtedly inspire your entrepreneurial and small business endeavors:

Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

Although not all of us are twenty-somethings worried about what people say about our dating habits – which is at least one of the angles addressed in this song – we all have the need to “shake it off” every so often throughout our entrepreneurial endeavors. This song is catchy enough and relevant to so many situations that it just might be the extra boost we need every so often.

Royals by Lorde

Of all the songs on our list, this may be the most directly related to small business and entrepreneurial aspirations. Whatever your reason for becoming a small business owner – whether fortune, fame, power, or something else – this song will likely resonate with your end goal:

Lose Yourself by Eminem

This choice has as much to do about the song and lyrics as it has to do with the rise to prominence by Eminem. Taken from his semi-autobiographical move 8 Mile, the song outlines his struggles to rise from nothing to the top, which is something most of us can relate to:

These are just a few that we left off the original list, but there are probably others as well. What did we miss? Share your comments below and let us know.

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