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Three Ways that Small Business Software Can Help Fuel Growth

Small Business SoftwareMost startups and small businesses begin with a grand vision or idea capable of propelling it to prosperity. As such, most entrepreneurs and small business owners are focused on the vision and strategy of the company rather than more mundane things such as small business software.

However, small business software can help your flourishing enterprise reach the level more effectively and more efficiently than if you were to gloss over this important aspect of small business ownership. Below are three areas in particular where small business software can help your business growth more quickly and profitably:

Email marketing software. Perhaps the easiest, least expensive, and most common of the small business software options is email marketing software. Solutions such as Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, and Marketo can all provide great opportunities to communicate with your prospects and customers more frequently and effectively. Whether it is as simple as sending a weekly newsletter or targeted nurture campaigns to segmented prospect groups, email marketing software typically delivers a high return on investment for most small businesses. (On a related note, you may want to read our blog Constant Contact vs. Marketo: Which is Right For Your Small Business?).

Accounting software. Personally, I despise accounting and bookkeeping, and it is probably my least favorite part of being a small business owner. However, this is a critical function in any small business, especially given the fact that most small businesses fail largely due to running out of cash and/or poor cash management. Solid accounting software helps ensure that you are not only tracking your cash, expenses, and profit well, but it also provides you real-time visibility into the profitability and cash impact of your operations. Small business accounting software such as Quickbooks and Sage Peachtree are just two examples of effective and affordable options for entrepreneurs.

Social media marketing software. It’s nearly impossible to achieve long-term small business growth without an effective social media marketing strategy. On the other hand, spending time marketing your business on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets can be very time consuming and distracting. That’s why automating these tasks can be much more effective and productive than if you were to try to manage these functions yourself. In addition, it is typically more cost effective to use this sort of software than to hire an expensive marketing or PR agency. We’ve spent quite a bit of time vetting the various options in the market and have identified what we think are the best options for small business owners, so feel free to contact us to receive our list of the top social media marketing software options.

These are just a few of the many small business software options available to small business owners. Of course, there are also options such as inventory management software, ERP systems, and other options, but these three listed above are typically the “low hanging fruit” for entrepreneurs seeking simple and cost-effective options that deliver a solid return on investment and fuel growth.

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