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Online Small Business Training Workshop

Small Business Training WorkshopSmall Business Training Course

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Having started, grown, and sold several companies over the years, we understand how difficult it can be to find reliable advice on how to run and manage your small business. Even the most successful entrepreneurs make mistakes and stumble to find solid footing along the way, so this workshop’s purpose is to share these lessons and best practices with current and aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs.

This free, small business training course will cover a number of topics, including:

  • Lessons and mistakes from successful entrepreneurs
  • The difference between successful and failed small business ventures
  • Tangible action plans for launching, managing, and growing your successful small business

This workshop will be delivered online and is available to attendees throughout the world. Whether you are a “solopreneur” or home-based business, a business owner with aspirations of building a big, great company, or an aspiring small business owner, this training will walk you through the plans and actions required for success.

Space is limited, so reserve your seat now!


What Is the Agenda for the Luminary Small Business Training Workshop?

Secrets to Small Business Success

  • Real-world lessons from the school of hard knocks
  • Overview of common challenges and pitfalls often overlooked by small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Top things to consider when starting and growing your business

 Developing Your Blueprint for Small Business Success

  • Overview of a proven small business framework that you can start applying to make your business more successful…now!
  • Focus on five key aspects of small business management
    • Strategy and planning
    • Marketing and sales
    • Cash and accounting
    • Operations
    • Managing people
  • Discussion of how these five areas should be handled during each of the major stages of your small business:
    • Startup
    • Traction
    • Acceleration
    • Results

Entrepreneur Panel Discussion

  • Lessons, tips, and advice from several successful small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Biggest mistakes made by entrepreneurs along the way
  • Question and answer session with workshop participants

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  1. Edwin Ursin says:

    I have a Energy Company that need help with growing.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. BASHIR says:

    Wooow some great stuff to entrepreneurs…n small business owners….I have a great business idea bt capital z turning me down


  5. sonam says:

    I have registered… Now whatS next?


  6. William says:

    I’m eager to learn from you. thanks


  7. Diana says:

    Am eagar and interested in learning from you


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