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Existing Small Business Accelerator

Small Business Accelerator ConsultantsCongratulations on your small business and initial success. You’ve taken an important first step that most people never take.

Despite your initial success, are you looking for ways to take your business to the next level? If so, Luminary’s team of successful small business consultants can help determine the best strategy and path to achieve that growth.

Using our proven STAR small business growth framework, we will help you think and grow bigger in the following ways:

  • Assess your current business model and operations using our Business Growth and Scalability checklist
  • Identify and prioritize your biggest opportunities to fuel growth
  • Identify a sales and marketing plan that will exponentially accelerate your growth
  • Standardize your business operations to scale for growth
  • Identify the best opportunities to use technology to automate your key small business processes and functions
  • Develop an organizational plan to hire, train, and develop employees to support your small business growth
  • Identify your financial and working capital needs to support growth
  • Develop financial controls to sustain growth
  • Identify potential sources of financing, via small business loans or other sources
  • Finalize your 6-month small business growth plan
  • Peer mentoring from other small business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself
  • Access to Luminary’s entire library of online and on-demand small business training courses
  • Up to four additional hours of Luminary “flex” advice and support based on your unique needs

In order to provide flexible support to our luminaries, all of our services are provided via world-class and web-based technologies. For a limited time, this service is being offered for a flat rate of $2,450 USD.

Do you own an existing small business that is struggling? Then you may be interested in our Small Business Turnaround package.

Availability of our small business consultants is limited, so please enter your contact information to learn more about this package.

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