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Finance, Accounting, and Cash Management

small business training courseYou’ve probably heard the phrase “cash is king,” which is especially true for startups and small businesses. In fact, it is widely known that most small businesses fail because of a lack of cash and financing. Unfortunately, this is true for startups that are just forming, companies that are growing, and even well-established companies.

This module will cover important topics such as:

  • Small business loans and grants
  • Other sources of financing
  • Determining your financing needs
  • Defining your profit margin targets
  • Establishing a financially sound and healthy business
  • Diversifying your revenue
  • Identifying opportunities for more cashflow from your existing products and customers
  • Managing fixed vs. variable costs
  • Establishing financial controls to manage financial risk
  • Managing the cash strains of growth
  • Ensuring that you can comfortably pay yourself from the business

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Small business training course


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