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Strategy and Planning

small business training courseDefining your business idea and building a business to support that idea is one of the most important first steps a small business owner needs to take. Even bootstrapped entrepreneurs with little to no money can build a big and profitable business with the right plan. Luminary’s training programs help entrepreneurs define their product, business model, and plan in a way that helps them capitalize on the resources and opportunities at their disposal.

Below are just a few of the areas we cover in this module:

  • Generating small business ideas
  • Establishing the right business structure
  • Lessons and tips from other small business owners
  • When to use the Small Business Administration
  • Positioning your product or service against competitors
  • Pricing your product or service
  • Building a lean startup
  • Establishing measures for your small business
  • Managing innovation
  • Preparing for the evolution of your business
  • Managing the risk of small business failure
  • Defining your exit strategy

You can learn about these and other important topics by subscribing to one of our monthly online training and mentoring programs. Our programs include unlimited access to on-demand training videos, course materials, access to our peer mentoring portal, and one-on-one training with one of our small business consultants.

Interested in taking the next step to make your existing or potential small business thrive and succeed? Learn more about or register for our free online small business training and mentoring program.

Small business training course

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Small Business Training Courses

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